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With corporate radio and the ill-fated music scene in a downward spiral here is BEST OF SEVEN. BO7 are a rare find in the new millennium of music, combining the rock sensibilities of Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi and Marvelous 3 into a hybrid musical concoction of a modern day rock band determined for success.

BO7 bring to the table a witty approach to songwriting and song structuring at it’s best with a emphasis on a wall of guitars and a tight rhythm section with passionate vocals, BO7 lead the pack with their raucous brand of hard rock infused radio ready power-pop.

BO7 deliver a high-energy rock and roll show with a nod to flair and showmanship. Front man Shane is the epitome of a ‘rock and roll star’ with his swagger and arrogance. BO7 in a whole capture the true spirit of rock and roll debauchery at it’s finest.

BEST OF SEVEN is equal parts “The Moment” and “The Morning After.” Able to shift from rock overdrive to moody introspection with schitzophonic ease, they can sonically broadside the listener with a wall of guitars, powerful vocals and signature songs!

Unconcerned with catering to the Prozac nation, BEST OF SEVEN eschew backwards ball caps and crowd surfing for a more timeless approach of crafting memorable songs. Songs that examine the ties that bind us, and the truths of human condition (for better or worse). BEST OF SEVEN give a face to the faceless and it is strangely familiar!

2003 will see BO7’s debut ‘s/t’ released on FastLane Records featuring the first single Wonder. FastLane Records will unleash this slab of sonic, rock mayhem in April. Until then strap yourself in and ride the new wave of the music for the millennium going by the name of BEST OF SEVEN.