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It's been a long road, yet the ride is just beginning. After 15 years and countless miles of touring, writing and performing, four men arrive as FLYNNVILLE TRAIN. Their style of good-time, rockin’ country music is the driving force behind this powerhouse sound from the Midwest. They’ve slaved in factories, raised families, and obsessed over perfecting their craft. They supported each other’s efforts for years before collaborating in 2001, and now it’s time... time to leave the overtime behind and shift into overdrive.

FLYNNVILLE TRAIN is: Brian Flynn (lead vocals), Brent Flynn (lead guitar, vocals), Damon Michael (Bass, vocals), and Tommy Bales (Drums).

Though very determined musically, FLYNNVILLE TRAIN is often described as one of the nicest groups in the industry whose high powered performances keep crowds as well as venue owners asking for more. When not performing fan favorites like “High on the Mountain” and a harmony rich cover of the Beatles’ “Baby’s in Black,” FLYNNVILLE TRAIN travels from Indiana to the hills of Kentucky. It’s not the bluegrass or the moonshine that keeps them there so much as the studio where they spend many hours writing and recording. The group is dedicated to staying true to their kind of country which is straight, rockin’ and hard-hitting.

Deviation from current country is exactly where FLYNNVILLE TRAIN is headed. All four men bring vastly different influences onboard from George Jones to Jimi Hendrix and all share writing credits on the group’s latest album. Continuing in what they’ve lived and known for so long, FLYNNVILLE TRAIN promises to bring country music back to its roots, ahead of its time, and on its feet all at once.

That’s quite a job, but work is no stranger to these boys. Like their song, “Truck stop in the Sky” mentions, “Don’t you be surprised if they build one that high.” FLYNNVILLE TRAIN has been building steam for quite a while, and the place they build in country music is sure to be no surprise.


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