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In the midst of baggy clothes, facial piercings, de-tuned guitars and shaved heads, emerges a band that takes great songs, good hooks, strong musicianship and visual appeal and applies it with a consistency that often gives them the label as an 80's throwback. But, as quoted by "moonshine" guitarist Jeff Losawyer;

"What was considered alternative 10 or 20 years ago is mainstream now, and what was mainstream then is known as throwback now, you can't claim to be edgy, innovative and original when your formula to writing songs is to turn on the radio and clone what is playing at the time. We are what we are and that is a swampy, bluesy, southern, groove rock band with long hair, explosions, groupies, car wrecks, band fights and lots of guitars. People can party, dance, cruise, jam, drink, fall in love, mellow out and f**k to this music. Yeah we are throwbacks, throwbacks to great songs, great bands, good times and a full blown kick ass show".

Voodoo Moonshine is a Memphis based band whose debut album "The Decade of Decay" is already receiving praise from audiences and industry people alike. The list of credentials of the band (individually or as a whole) is enormous, and like the band's no-nonsense approach to its' music, no list of bullshit or hype will be given, because basically whether Voodoo Moonshine has headlined Madison Square Garden or Bubba's Backyard Bar-b-que fest - all that is going to matter is if you like it or not. So look, listen, and decide if this is for you. If not, this is a cd that will make a kick ass drink coaster as well.

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