Blair Lindsey

Blair Lindsey

Blair Lindsey Biography

Sure she may have the blonde hair, pearly white smile, the high heels with the sparkling shirts, and appear to be the typical Vegas Glam Girl… However, don’t be fooled by the image. Blair Lindsey is a country girl, and never afraid to prove it!

Being raised in Las Vegas, Blair is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Having her first “Country Bar” performance at Gilley’s Dancehall and Saloon, inside the Frontier Hotel and Casino, convinced Blair at an early age that making people want to dance was her dream! “It is a whole other world being on stage! Watching people two-step to your song is an amazing experience!”

Now residing in South Florida and working for the St. Lucie County School District, this hip-shaking, country music singing, bombshell is leaving her mark on stages throughout the state. Blair can be seen performing at fairs, festivals, casinos, bars and even at the Major League Baseball Stadiums. She tries to stay as busy as possible and judging by the comments from some of her Nashville contacts, she’s “booked solid”! She has been the main act, the opening act and the National Anthem singer. Blair had one of the greatest opportunities, when she was asked to perform four days in a row, at Sun~Fest in downtown West Palm Beach, on the Captain Morgan’s Country Barge, where she kept the boat rockin’ (literally) all four nights! She has opened for many National Country Artists such as; Mark Wills, Tracy Lawrence, John Anderson, Collin Raye and Blake Shelton … just to name a few. “It is a great opportunity to open for National Artists because they all have different stories, and listening to their stories reminds me that dreams do come true, and gives me drive to do more, and try harder.”

Blair is performing everywhere there is a stage with a country crowd, and feels blessed at every opportunity that comes her way. When she is asked to be in pictures or to sign autographs for people after the shows, she feels honored and amazed at the opportunity! “This is what it is all about … making people smile! That’s the best feeling! I love it!”

Blair Lindsey is more than just a pretty face and a beautiful voice. She has a deep passion for song writing too! “It’s my chance to clear my mind and focus just on music.” Keeping many songs stored away, she can’t wait for the day that her original CD is done and out to share with others! A couple of her originals can be heard at her performances, and the crowd always seems to take a strong liking to one in particular. “ Turn The Radio Up is a song I wrote about my Dad. My whole family still lives in Las Vegas and it is so hard sometimes to think of them being so far away. So when I wrote Turn The Radio Up I was reminiscing about the HOT summer days I would spend riding around with my Dad, in his beat-up Ford truck, when we would sing old country songs like Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On at the top of our lungs… just having a good time!! I loved those days, and this song gives the audience a small clip of my memories!” With all of the feedback that Blair gets in regards to Turn The Radio Up there is no doubt that this will be the first song on her CD.

Blair’s passion for Country Music started at an early age. She grew up watching and listening to Reba McEntire, and claims that Reba’s success sealed the deal on what Blair wanted to do for the rest of her life. She looks up to ALL artists, but finds her major influences (other than Reba) to be Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline, George Strait and Dolly Parton. Many would agree when I say, Blair has a lot of things in common with her idols: she is warm-hearted, genuine, an amazing singer, great performer, and determined more than ever to get the job done and have it done right! She will forever follow her dream down that long and winding road of Country Music. “I don’t know where I will be tomorrow… so I just try to enjoy today! I thank God every night for every opportunity that he gives me… and I look forward to continuing my journey!”