Cee Rock

Cee Rock

Cee Rock Biography

We’ve all heard the expression a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in the case of Cee Rock “The Fury”, words are worth a thousand pictures. When he recites his unique formulation of lyrics one can visualize the “vocal scenery” in every phrase.

Loved and respected not only in New York City but also in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, Cee Rock’s featured on Sweden’s George remix of The Things You Do.

“The Fury” has been seen on MTV with Ananda, freestyled with the Rap Coalition (sponsored by Wendy Day); performed at the Apollo Theater, Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels and Crazy Sam; Underground Ruff House with Uncle Jesse Barnes; and can be seen in NAS featuring Puff Daddy’s video Hate Me Now.

Foul language is not on “The Fury’s” agenda. He feels that cursing is a cop-out for emcees who lack a strong vocabulary. A ferocious competitor, Cee Rock is always looking for a challenge, especially when it comes to the battle of wit. Strategic brain-warfare keeps Fury on his toes. This man specializes in the art of deep thought.