Cross Plains

Cross Plains

Cross Plains Biography

Cross Plains came together in September of 1995 with the intention of just jammin’ around in their practice room.

They brought forth together, a unique sound born from the influences of Southern, Classic & Today’s Rock, expounded by the force of Funk, Pop, “Rockin’ Country” & the Blues. Each member of the band, however, brought their own unique background to the band that built upon the sound as a whole. With this format in effect, the power-rocked individuals realized they had embarked upon a sound that the whole world needed to hear.

Forged down the avenue of creative differences, losing & gaining 2 or 3 members in the beginning, these well-tempered survivors are living proof of “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.” Combined into a musical alloy stronger than its previous elements, the band’s style & influences have the familiar ring of a classic sound that’s truly built to last.

The Band’s line-up include 4 of the best musicians & one potent vocalist. “It’s important that we have a rhythm section that locks it down; speaking, communicating & playing off each other”. Steve Ballew lays it down on the drums while Skippy Davis adds the hard-edged bass riffs to the flow of the music which makes up the undercurrent for the band, while Alan Asbury keeps the guitar, pumped up & rockin’ and keyboardist Huel Thain adds a new dimension to the overall sound of Cross Plains, like no one ever has before. Woven between smooth harmony vocals comes the Lead Vocalist, Alisa. Her vocals will take the show from alternately SASSY, to BOLD & SHY all in the same evening.

The bands new style & leadership of the North Georgia regional scene has to have bands looking over their shoulders going, “Who Got Next”? Cross Plains, that’s who. If you are looking for a band who will rock the house down, then CROSS PLAINS fits the bill for you. Their musical flare and great stage presence will leave you wanting more after attending one of their shows. It will carry you over the top through a musical journey that only CROSS PLAINS can take you to.