Georgia Satellites

Georgia Satellites

Georgia Satellites Biography

Runka-runka, three chords, and a cloud of dust. THE GEORGIA SATELLITES were one of the most ferocious bands of the Eighties, and what set them apart from the other 10,000 groups that cranked their amps to 11 was that their wild riffs and tanked cries came from a quartet that understood its place in rock tradition and fought hard to solidify it with each recording. “Let It Rock: Best of the Georgia Satellites” shows, they expanded forever the limits and the promise of what a band could do with those three chords (well, sometimes only two) played harder than ever before.

The Georgia Satellites immortalized the line “Don’t hand me no lines and Keep Your Hands to Yourself” in their hit single “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” which made it’s way up to #2 on the Billboard charts and made them overnight hick superstars! Followed by the single “Hippie, Hippie, Shake” recorded for the movie Cocktail staring Tom Cruise and “Battleship Chains”, Georgia Satellites were keeping southern rock alive at a time when everyone was doing something other than southern rock.

THE GEORGIA SATELLITES made their imprint on rock n roll as a barnstorming live act and are holding true to that today playing over 50 dates a year including public, private, Biker & NASCAR events!

From the start, The Georgia Satellites were full of audacity and talent to justify that fearlessness, demanding entry into the room that housed the top rank of rock and rollers. It didn’t take long to smash down the door. Any band now exploding out of a garage that wants to live out the dreams of Chuck Berry’s “The Promised Land” now has the greatest role model the U.S. has yet produced.