Hollywood Logan’s Legendary Drifters

Hollywood Logans Legendary Drifters

Hollywood Logan’s Legendary Drifters Biography

Hollywood Logan of Los Angeles, California — is an American icon who can sing like both an angel and devil. He is a venturesome gospel, pop, and soul producer and songwriter. He is a former member of the four-time Grammy-winning and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group — The Original Drifters.

The group performed such legendary classics as “Under the Boardwalk,” and “This Magic Moment,” among other all-time hits. ​​​

Much Love

With his rhythm and blues vocal group and live band, MUCH LOVE, Hollywood performed at Madison Square Garden and The Apollo Theater — in addition to many other famous venues. The band is currently traveling, offering amazing entertainment and experiences. Taking their audiences to places they hadn’t been before and haven’t been since. MUCH LOVE remains the nonpareil avatar of pure artistry with all its romanticized, unadulterated glory.

A coiled figure of impenetrable gravity, Hollywood performs as one who seeks to re-invented funk — via a blistering focus that his audiences have never seen before and probably never will again. With the introduction of his songs BOUNCING BACK and LOVIN TO NITE (Hollywood’s delectably sexy new single), he kidnaps R&B’s pretensions to perversion and fashioned it up in a mix way up high.

CHRISTMAS, another one of Hollywood’s powerful and uncompromising songs, is also available on CDBaby.com and wherever music is sold.