Mind Rape


Mind Rape Biography

Enter the SICKNESS known as Mind Rape…

Mind Rape is made up of John Hubert on vocals, Jim Felt & Trevor Asire on guitars, Doug Vernieu on drums & Scott Drummy on bass.

Mind Rape is the brain child of John Hubert, and has been in works for a few years, with the goal of creating something truly original, as well as accessible enough to still reach avenues closed off to most Metal bands. John has been in many touring bands, including Bloody Mary, Intrepid, and the most notable, the original Mind Rape.

Jim Felt was the first to be recruited, and has been with John most of the journey. Jim has been in many touring bands, Driven and Aerial being the most notable.

Many musicians have entered the fold and been sent packing for not having the goods John and Jim demand. The final three are the ones who possess the ability and heart to take Mind Rape to their destiny. Trevor, formerly of “Metalage Records,” recording artists Katagory 5. Trevor is no stranger to the road, and is a welcomed addition to the band. Doug took a long time to find, the band was seeking a drummer who had the ability to keep up, and the power to re-awake John Bonham and Doug is the one! And Scott Drummy holds down the low end taking over John’s bass lines live.

Mind Rape is on a mission to spread the SICNESS far and wide. We have a very hungry fan base, Making up our STREET and ONLINE Teams, doing what ever it takes to get the word out.

Mind Rape wants to hit the road and stay there until we have achieved our goals, and that’s simply, WORLD DOMINATION!!!