Pump5 Biography

Steve Barnett: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Andre Bonter: Drums/Vocals
Drew Cates: Bass/Vocals
Johnny Fortune: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Daryll Swanger: Manager

In a world where music and trends go hand in hand, Pump5, hailing from Upland, CA., offers a breath of fresh air. With a solid sound that seems to grab you and suck you in, Pump5 leaves you craving more. It is great rock music, with melodic vocals that compliments the whole sound.

The band is hard working, dedicated, and loyal to their fans. Pump5’s reputation for being fan-oriented is best exemplified in their dedication to interacting with listeners at shows: the band will literally take hours meeting new fans, and sign hundreds of autographs at every concert just to give a little bit back to the fans, which is what it is all about.

Pump5 is the West Coast’s “band-to-watch” since the release of their album “Tour.” The band’s hyper dynamic, energetic live shows, and straight-forward approach to their music and fans, has earned them many musical accolades, and an ever-growing fan-base everywhere they play. This year, Pump5 set new records on Aii Radio (www.aiiradio.net). Pump5 entered the top 40 charts at number 5, only to rocket to number one just one week later. finally ending up in the Aii Radio Hall of Fame, Pump5 continues to make waves on Aii Radio with the song “Riverside” which entered the charts at number one. Currently, Pump5 and Management DCS Artist Management Services have signed on with FastLane Records (www.fastlanerecords.com) and T&T Management and Booking Agency and will be going into the studio soon to complete their next release. Pump5 is definitely that one band that will not get lumped into the “one dimensional” category. It is a refreshing change with melodies that you will hear in your head over, and over, and over again.

So you’re probably thinking…”What the heck does Pump5 mean?” Well, its kind of a cool little story. The band was up north, and there was a gas station where lots of people travel through daily, from all over the place. One day, someone either left their dog, or didn’t realize that it had gotten out while they were fueling up. This dog was so loyal, it didn’t move for months. It stayed by that gas pump day and night for months, and when trying to help it, it would only growl and guard that gas pump where his family left him. Steve finally got it to take food from his hands eventually, but still the loyal dog never moved from his spot next to the gas pump. Eventually, Steve and the guys decided to give it a name. Appropriately, they looked at the gas pump it was laying next to, and yes, it was Pump #5. The dog was called Pump5 from that day on. Needless to say, sometime later, the dog finally got hit by passing traffic. But in remembering the loyalty of this dog, never to leave the place where he last saw his family, the band adopted the name Pump5 in memory of one hell of a cool dog.