Q Public


Q Public Biography

Q Public is an aggressive, vocally driven pop rock. Intricately woven melodies combined with driving rhythms create their unmistakable sound.

Q Public formed in April of 2001 when Rich Prewett and Sam Underkoffler joined award winning songwriter Trevor Vaughan Williams. They shared not only a vision to create great music; but to instill people with a message of hope and human emotion through song. A power house line-up with experience and talent, they released their 2nd album in April of 2006 titled Bedroom Light to follow up their successful self titled debut album.

Most notable is Q’s live show; an energetic performance as they take you through a range of emotions. Q Public is expanding their music to national and international markets.

A Body of Parts

Vexed for years to paint a picture of the members of Q Public, the best way I’ve found is to compare the band to parts of a transvestite. A bit base and blase at first glance, I think you’ll find it really is the only way to do the band members (and the band) justice. As for the cross-dresser, you’ll have to be the judge.

The golden voice and face of the band, Sam Underkofler is our “girl’s” drop dead looks. Sam’s powerful vocals, sense of style and his innate ability to befriend anyone draws the legions into Q Public. Passionate yet easy going, friendly yet mysterious, Sam adds that “she-was-NOT-a-dude” quality that we all know and love.

The heart and history of Q, Trevor Vaughan Williams provides the drive and inspiration for the band. He’s our “girl’s” heart and mind. Constantly moving toward the ideal, Trevor doesn’t care that society doesn’t think men should wear women’s clothing. He uses his guitar to write music that is meaningful and accessible, continually striving for perfection. Trevor has surrounded himself with people that want the same thing.

Rich Prewett is undoubtedly our makeup, hair spray, and stuffed bra. Rich’s calming influence glues the band together and his guitar work provides the embellishment Q Public is known for. Because a tranny without makeup is just a creepy old man with a unibrow, Q Public without Rich just does not have the same shimmer.

The bulging biceps (and deceptively strong legs) of Q Public belong to Jason Flinn who drives the band from behind his drum kit. Just as any cross dresser may need to punch her/himself out of a sticky situation, Jason provides the black belt and fun-loving persona in all situations. He pounds the drums and thankfully has yet to pound any heads … but it’s always nice to have insurance.

However brawn may not always be the best option which brings us to me. I, Galen Miller and the transvestite’s quick wits. Whether it’s fast-talk to soothe the sales clerk by the men’s room or sweet-talk to invite a strapping young man out for drinks, I entertain and inform our fans. On stage with a bass or offstage with blogging, I keep Q Public light yet informational, fun with with a sense of gravitas.