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Turf Talk

Turf Talk Biography

The Champ hit the stage when the MC called his name as the winner of “The Rookie of the Year” at the B.A.R. Awards on July 30, 2011 at the Masonic Center on Nob Hill. The competition included Bay Area Rap Artists: Vital, Mark D, Mr. Tower, YA Boy, Mistah FAB, Nasty Nate and Dem Hood Stars.

Turf Talk is the man of the hour with only one year in the game, he comes out on top. It was once stated that Turf was not popular enough to join the mainstream. His newly found status as the Rookie of the Year has changed all of that….

In the booming Bay Area Hip Hop scene, Turf Talk has achieved the championship belt. The man behind hits “Its ah Slumper” and “Sav Out” and his colab with The Federation on Hyphey is noted all around the region, even in New York. Turf Talks previous CD “Turf Talk Brings the hood Colabilation (Sic Wid It) has hits like “Two Piece” and “Turf Talk iz Back” colab with E-40 that’s being played in all the clubs.

Born Demar Bernstein, in Vallejo Ca in 1979 and later host to the name Turf Talk. Growing up in Pomona at the age of 3 years old, lead Turf Talk to a lifestyle of gang involvement and hustling. Due to his actions, he faced lots of trouble and became expelled from school.

His parents chose to home school, and during this time, he began to emulate the rappers by writing his own verses. He soon learned that he had a talent for writing music.

Meanwhile on the other side of California, Earl Stevens AKA E-40, Danell Stevens AKA D-Shot, Brandt AKA B-Legit and Tenina Stevens AKA Suga-T were building The Click. This group ultimately became the foundation for “Sic Wid It Records.”

Turf Talk admired the ambitions of his Northern Cali Family and had early aspirations to join the First Family of Rap.

Upon returning to school, Turf Talk was encouraged by family and friends to enter a school talent show: where he would become the Grand Prize Winner. It was from this point forward that he had confidence enough to E-40 to ask for his assistance.

Turf Talks cousin and mentor is E-40, a Vallejo hip hop pioneer who has spent more than a decade perfecting his own idiosyncratic version of California Gangsta Rap. Recently signed with LilJon and BME Recordings, he is looking to take his Platinum status to the next level.

His Debut Album: Street Novelist was released in 2004

Turf Talk is wasting no time: six months after his debut, he returned with “Hood Colabilation in 2011. This Fall, Turf Talk plans to release his third CD, about a year after the first. His “Rookie of the Year” status should take this album to the next level.