Brimstone Butterfly

Brimstone Butterfly

Brimstone Butterfly Biography

Brimstone Butterfly started back in high school, where three boys by coincident got to know each other. Ole B. Grell, Kristian Vengsgaard og Thomas Krämer. They shared the same dream about revolutionizing the world, and the enthusiasm and ambitions sparkled when the three of them talked about some day forming a rock band. It would be the wildest thing anyone had ever heard about.

However it was a long journey before talk became action, but after several years of wandering through the underground milieu of Århus and various consciousness-expanding travels abroad, the three musicians rejoined in order to make a serious attempt at making their mutual dream come true.


BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY is formed in 1996. One year later Thomas’ younger brother, Kristian Krämer, joins on the drums. The band rehearses in an abolished slaughterhouse. It is here the first songs are written.

From the very beginning it is obvious that this is no ordinary band. They won’t allow the trends and spirits of time to control them but on the contrary, they want to pursue their own musical ideas and ambitions. Even if it turns out that the road to success will then be a great deal longer and take more courage.

BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY wish to create a musical forum, which leaves room to experiment and emerge into interesting corners of the rock music –to examine new horizons and new ways of doing things. This yet without losing the good melody and fragile recognizability of the pop music.


BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY have in their nearly six yearlong existence participated in various music contests and actually done quite well; a second place in the Danish Championships of Rock in 1997, and winner of “Aarhus Stiftstidendes’“ contest; “WE HAVE THE STAGE – YOU HAVE THE MUSIC”. This also in 1997.

In 1997 BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY play quite a few concerts, among others at the “Skanderborg Festival” in front of an exited audience.

In the fall of 1998 BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY sign a contract with the record company, Elap. Here they publish a radio single, which is recorded in the “Sweet silence studios” and produced and mixed by Peter Peter and Flemming Rasmussen. This leads to a booking from the newspaper; BT. BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY is to go on their summer tour of 1999. This brings the band out into the Danish summer, where they play no less than 25 concerts at several festivals. Among others; Midtfyns Festival, Skanderborg Festival and Langelands Festival.


In the beginning of year 2000 the recordings of Gonepteryx Rahmni are started. The band takes on purpose its time to experiment and play with the songs. Some are written beforehand, other arise from nothing.

In the summer of 2001 BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY make contact to “Danmarks Radio” through Ann Charlotte Vengsgaard. They wish to use some of the songs from Gonepteryx Rahmni for a new TV-series, which has just been made by the international recognized instructor; Nickolas Winding Refn (Pusher, Bleeder). The series is called “De Udvalgte (The Chosen Ones), and will be shown in thirteen episodes on DR1.


Thomas Krämer: Vocals, guitars
Kristian Vengsgaard: Organ, guitars, sounds and vocals
Ole B. Grell: Bass
Kristian Krämer: Drums