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“If I have learned anything throughout my life, it has been that we all must follow our inner most desires.” says the 20 year old recording artist. “Not only because they give us the greatest fulfillment, but also because they have the power to inspire those feelings in others. For me that means music.”

Growing up in Winnipeg, Canada, Kiera found fulfillment in the entertainment business, at a very early age. As young as six years old, Kiera begged her parents to buy her a “real microphone”, so that she could sing along to her favorite tunes. “I wasn’t the kind of kid who jumped around singing all the time. I sang when I was alone and kept my voice a secret for the first half of my life. I mostly did acting and things like that, until I started performing songs in my early teens, and people started saying, “You should really go after this!”
It wasn’t until after seriously pursuing a modeling career, which took Kiera overseas to work in Europe for a few summers, that she realized singing was her true passion. “Modeling gave me great experience, and allowed me to mature quickly, but one day I just realized that I had to go for my dream. So that’s what I am doing.”

Determined to succeed, Kiera made a demo tape and sent it to producer/composer Gerald O’Brien, a Canadian, who was living in L.A at the time. O’Brien, a veteran of the Canadian music scene who has written songs for such acts as Hall and Oates, Amanda Marshal, Glass Tiger, Michelle Wright, and Manhattan Transfer, agreed to work with Kiera in an artist development arrangement with the intention of producing a solid demo tape to shop to the industry.

The project quickly accelerated as O’Brien realized Kiera’s intense drive and potential. What started out as a development project, quickly jumped forward with a new goal of producing a complete album showcasing Kiera Lee’s vocal talent. O’Brien kicked into higher gear, not only doing much of the writing, but also drawing on his years of industry contacts to join him in the process.

Kiera LeeO’Brien co-wrote the songs for What Do I Believe with hit songwriters such as David Tyson (“Black Velvet”, “Heaven Help My Heart”), and Dean McTaggart (“Birmingham”, “Dark Horse”). Other songs on the album originated from industry veterans like Michael Dulaney (“The Way You Love Me”) and Marc Jordan (“Rhythm of My Heart”, “Living in Marina Del Ray”). These and the efforts of other seasoned contributors bring a tremendous depth and variety to the table for a first time recording artist.

The album’s title track, “What Do I Believe” is and uplifting, big vocal ballad of optimism and heart felt emotion. “The first time I heard this song, I fell in love with it and became obsessed with having it on the album,” Kiera says enthusiastically. “”What Do I Believe” is about certain fundamental truths that I know I’ll always believe in.”

The upbeat, “I Think I’m In Love” takes country to the edge of pop, expressing the exuberance of new love with a catchy melody, sharp hooks and fun lyrics. “Our Way”, is an energetic country shuffle with an impressive melody and lyric reflecting the restlessness of youth. “Good Thing” is an upbeat country story with a bluegrass twist.

“No Big Deal” is a memorable, humorous, and tongue-in-cheek duet that pokes fun at the male/female relationship, with the message of not letting the little things bother you. “Trust”, is a “sure to give you goose bumps” big style ballad, which states the importance of having trust in a relationship. “Shine”, the last song on the album leaves listeners on a high note, by inspiring hope and encouragement to anyone who has a dream.

O’Brien explains, “Kiera wanted the songs to have lyrical integrity combined with a youthful, energetic new country sound. Her young age was actually a bonus, because she hadn’t developed a style based on somebody else. She has her own unique direction and sound.”

The project also gave Kiera a chance to utilize her own songwriting skills, co-writing three of the twelve tracks on the album. Of the experience, Kiera says, “Songwriting is a great medium of expression for me. I’m always looking for ways to communicate truth and meaning to others, and I think writing songs and performing them is one of the most effective ways that I’ve found so far.”
O’Brien is very enthusiastic about her writing ability. “I’m really encouraging her on it. She has all these great stories and scenarios worked out in her head, and they seem to flow naturally.”

Of course, Kiera has been actively performing and building a solid fan base. Her music has been garnering the spotlight with an overwhelming amount of media attention. Of her significant television, print, and radio coverage, Kiera says, “I have had tremendous support from fans and industry professionals alike, and I’m just so glad that people are enjoying my music.”

Aside from her musical talent, what is noticeable about Kiera is her intense focus and belief in the power of positive thinking and living. “I’ve always believed in this project, and as a result the universe seems to have stepped in and cleared a path for it to move forward.” she proclaims. “Your belief just has to get to a place of knowing, and when you get to that point of deep confidence, you will start to make things happen on a daily basis.”

A little time with Kiera Lee and a listen down to What Do I Believe, it is no wonder this young country artist is catching the interest of everyone who crosses her path. Just BELIEVE you’ll be hearing a lot more from Kiera Lee!