Masque Biography

Masque is a five member band, whose style is based on original rock and roll with alternative influences; yet distinguished by the powerful and passionate vocals of Ken Archer. Ken is responsible for the emotional, realistic, and sometimes provocative lyrics. Guitarists Greg Lutton and MJ Herndon, sharing the rhythm and lead roles, offering two diverse guitar sounds which form the musical style. Bassist Russ Selby, grounds the rhythm section with his pronounced and refreshing groove. Rounding out the line up is percussionist Chris Boatwright; with an off beat, intermittent style that completes the sound.


Known to Atlanta since 1992, this group of talented musicians who have been writing and performing alternative rock music for over a decade. In August, 2002, they released its first full length CD, State of Mind, produced by Jeff Tomie. (Jeff Tomie’s credits include;Matchbox 20, Jerry Cantrell, Brother Cane.)


Their song Homeless was the inspiration for a compilation CD that brought fourteen Atlanta bands together for a common cause. Greg Land, a Creative Loafing critic, said in his review of the Homeless CD, “The lead off band Masque, who spearheaded the benefit effort and wrote the title song, turns in a couple of solid cuts.” Masque has received airplay on WNNX, WKLS, WREK , has been reviewed in CMJ, Rockvine, and Creative Loafing. Masque was also nominated for the ALMA’s for best rock band and best rock vocalist.

Never being a “cover band”, Masque has focused on their own music, honing their skills as passionate songwriters and powerhouse performers. The band is currently promoting State of Mind regionally, through radio release and club shows. Masque is poised for success.