Originblood Biography

Originblood was officially formed by Robert in 1997 with Simon, Christian Kapusta and Bjorn Baumlisberger. In that year they played some venues to promote an unofficial CD.

After Bjorn left the band and was replaced by Morten in 1998 some brand new Originblood songs were written and recorded but never released. They played very few dates in Sweden and focused more on the new material they had.

In January 1999 Christian left the band for creative reasons and the band decided to stay a trio. They played some club dates and yet again worked on songs to improve them as much as possible.

More and more pressure was laid to Robert as the songs were becoming more technical and a decision was made to recruit a new member…… thus Robin Sj√∂strand entered the picture.

2001 Originblood recorded their debut album “la muerte del arte” and are currently negotiation deals all around the world. They have already begun to record a couple of songs for album no 2 so stay tuned for world domination!