Rachel Allyn Band

Rachel Allyn Band

Rachel Allyn Band Biography

Rachel Allyn is a country singer/songwriter whose talent is hard to ignore. With a voice full of power, emotion, and grace, she is reminiscent of some of the great female talents that have come before her. She has one foot squarely rooted in country music while the other resides in good, old fashioned rock and roll. One hand has a firm grip on today’s sound, while the other steadfastly holds onto the classics. Rachel represents the past and present of country music and does so with respect, talent, and class.

Rachel has performed in a wide variety of venues, spanning from sunny California, through the honky-tonks of Tennessee, to the dive bars of New York City. In addition to being an accomplished solo performer, she has had the honor of performing a live duet with Bobby Bare and has managed to get onstage in impromptu performances with Shania Twain and Gretchen Wilson. Rachel has also had the privilege of working in the studio with such producers as Ron Haffkine, Don Oriolo, and Con Fullam.

“Late Nights and Early Mornings” is Rachel’s first fully produced EP release. The record seamlessly represents a variety of Rachel’s different musical influences. It kicks off with the driving modern bluegrass sounds of “Stand Still” and moves to the sweet ballad “Bury Myself in Your Arms Tonight.” The southern rock tinged “Gettin’ By” gives way to the powerfully bare acoustic arrangement of “When the Young Ones Go”. Finishing off the EP is the down home rockabilly kick of “You Drive Me Crazy.”

Many talented souls lent their skills to the making of this EP. Many going above and beyond the call of duty to make it the best it could be.