Scream Clan

Scream Clan

Scream Clan Biography

In a time when grunge, rap rock, nu metal and kiddie pop numb the senses and dampen the spirits of the true American music lovers, the higher powers of rock n roll step in. From a damp and dingy rehearsal space known as Room 19 in Pennsauken, NJ, a new revolution in rock n roll began. THE SCREAM CLAN was born.

The dream and their drive are to become one of the greatest hard rock/metal bands in music. Blending all of rock n roll’s best with a fresh new perspective, it has the power to lead the masses of those hungry for great rock and metal into the future. A loud and aggressive, yet melodic band, THE SCREAM CLAN will rise above all else that music has to offer today. Completing the new CD ‘WASTELAND’ and playing sold out shows, the band has an arsenal like no other. The songs are powerful, like live, breathing animals. They rip through an audience, leaving them enthusiastic from the experience and with memorable lyrics and choruses to take home. Psycho Bitch, Heavy metal and cant say no, Wasteland, and End of Daze…the range and dynamics are astounding. At once frantic, yet controlled heavy yet harmonious the music leaps out of the speakers and explodes off the stage.

Following continuous radio play, Philadelphia’s 94 WYSP has labeled THE SCREAM CLAN a classic in less than a year. They also get regular radio play in Delaware, Central New Jersey and North New Jersey.

THE SCREAM CLAN has been playing nonstop, taking their brand of rock both to those that want it and those who may despise it. The band has played the Philadelphia / South Jersey circuit and CBGS’s in NYC.

They have opened on tickets for the likes of Skid Row at the Stone Pony, and Warrant, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lizzy Borden, Doro, Brittney Fox, Slash’s Snakepit and Ratt at The Birch Hill (the Mecca rock club in the Northeast) and most recently QUIET RIOT. It is the vision that legions will be following THE SCREAM CLAN and together, can take back the world of rock n roll.

The band is in full force and will stop at nothing to take their message to the world! The powers that be are smiling again!